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Public Liability Insurance

In short public liability insurance covers your UK business in respect of any third party claim being made against you where you or an employee are deemed to have been negligent causing either damage to a third party's proeprty or casuing someone to suffer illness or injury.

Many UK business owners don't take the time to ask 'what is public liability insurnace and do I actually need it? A lack of understanding of what this insurance does could potentially put your business at risk. Should the worst happen and a claim wsa made agasisnt your business for tens of thousands of pounds, could you settle the claim withou a public liability insurance polcy to help?

Having an adequate level of public liability insurance cover can provide you with the peace of mind that should a situation arise where a claim is made against your business, it will be taken care of by your insurance company and not potentially ruin your business finacially.

There are many common types of claim filed in the UK, slips and trips are amongst the most common accidents reported, these can often result in a claim against your public liability insurance policy. Claims from people who are on a clients premises are common too, someone tripping over IT equipment, slipping on an unmarked spill, stock falling onto someone - the list is endless. A suitable insurance policy with the right level of cover is a must for any concientious UK business.

Is public liability compulsory in the UK? Whilst this type of insurance isn't a legal requirement for most businesses, you should consider it to be essential if you engage with the general public in any way whatsoever, even if you jsut have customers visting your work premises. This is also applicale if you work from home and you meet clients there.

Having a suitable public liablity policy in place offers you peace of mind and makes your oraganisation look far more professional. This means that should any prolems arise, you can leave your insurance company to deal with it whilst you get on with running your business.

What type of cover do I need?

It's always best if we can advise you in this regard by us asking a few simple questions we can ascertain which type of policy will be best suited to your business. Our extensive expereince in this marketplace means that we can advise you which type of policy is suitable for your particular industry, we can go through the process with you and ensure that you can have a policy that is best suited to your business. Should you carry out any work within the public sector, you will usually be required to take out a mimimum sum insured of £5 million.

Why CHAS Insurance?

CHAS Insurance scour the insurance market to indentify specialist schemes that offer the right cover to our customers. We can offer you public liability insurance suited to your business type at a price what will often suprise you.

With access to both the Composite Insurance Market and Lloyds of London, CHAS Insurance work hard to find our customers low cost, high quality public liability insurnace so they can avoid the cheap alternatives. With flexible public liability cover for every business sector, CHAS Insurance can help provide you with the comprehensive, cost effective insurance, whatever your trade or industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked similar questions about our insurance products and the requirements that different business have. If you have a question about what we offer then the answer may be here. If you need more specific advice then please get in touch.

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